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About Us

Prrasad international courier., is one of the Fastest international Express Courier companies operating in India and has earned the respect of being one of the leading overnight service providers. 
Our portfolio of services includes Overnight Delivery to key international destinations, Domestic & Worldwide courier, Fast Air Freight as well as a unique Gift Delivery Service in selected markets. We are a one stop shop for all your business and personal Air Express needs. With its Rajahmundry head office and Express centers in All Over India.
Prrasad international courier., brings its extensive operations expertise to your doorstep. We provide the fastest connections to the rest of the world, by offering various unique shipment choices. At prrasad international courier customer satisfaction is our top priority. Customers can expect expert and speedy solutions to their Express logistics needs. Our company provides expertise customer support at all levels. We always put our customers first. We make the customer’s goals our own strive to fully understand their opportunities and risks and work to help them achieve their short and long terms goals.
In Andhra Pradesh we are the sole Associate of  which is one of the world's largest express transportation companies. Through this association we offer time definite, customs cleared, door to door, express services to customers worldwide.
To be recognized by our customers as leading Express logistics Solutions provider in India. 
To provide a seamless express service to our customers worldwide through a strategic alliance network that will strengthen/increase our market position, retain a highly motivated staff and build more profitable revenue
Our Mission
To Offer an Ethical, Competitively Superior Value Proposition, and be the first choice for Customers, Principles, Employees and Other Business Partners.

India to America Courier Service


Prrasad International Courier is a leading express courier company in India, specializing in fast international deliveries. Known for their swift overnight services, they offer a range of options, including overnight delivery to key global destinations, both within India and worldwide. Additionally, they handle air freight and provide a unique gift delivery service in select markets.

With their headquarters based in Rajahmundry and express centers spanning across India, Prrasad International Courier brings operational expertise to your doorstep. Their primary focus is on customer satisfaction and meeting their express logistics needs, providing expert and efficient solutions at every level.

In Andhra Pradesh, Prrasad International Courier stands as the sole associate of one of the world's largest express transportation companies. Through this partnership, they deliver time-definite, customs-cleared, door-to-door express services to customers around the world, ensuring packages reach their destinations promptly.

Vision: Prrasad International Courier's vision is to be recognized by customers as India's leading provider of Express Logistics Solutions. Their goal is to offer a seamless express service worldwide through a strategic alliance network that strengthens and increases their market position, retains a highly motivated staff, and builds more profitable revenue.

Mission: The mission of Prrasad International Courier is to provide an ethical, competitively superior value proposition, becoming the first choice for customers, principals, employees, and other business partners. They are committed to offering a superior value proposition and being the preferred choice for all stakeholders.

PRRASAD INTERNATIONAL COURIER SERVICES MAIN OFFICE Opp. Vijaya Talkies Road, door no 7- 27-12 Nalam Vari Choultry, T.Nagar, Rajahmundry - 533101

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